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Sophistication or Naivety – A Narrative Infinity Campaign Part 2

11 July 2011 | Reese Truscott

Character Bios

Player – Matt Character - Jamilah Faleel, public relations officer
Army - Pan Oceania Sectorial – Neoterran Capitaline Army

Miss Jamilah Faleel was born and raised on Neoterra; her grandparents of Malaysian decent emigrated from Earth for career opportunities. At age 19, Faleel entered the media industry and eventually progressed to CEO of a prominent Maya channel. After spending years in the unrewarding media industry she took a job offer with the government. Now she is responsible for interplanetary public relations of the Neoterran Capitaline Army. Her role requires her to assess significant cultural events, military and defence threats, church interactions with the military, trade relations with other planets in the sphere and the public image of the armed forces. As a military advisor she analyses how the army should react or respond and in what way it should do so. Her aim is primarily to keep the public on side with the armed forces, in a planet such as Neoterra is it necessary that a harmonious synergy exists between the two. In a neo-technologic society where everyone is connected, rumours fly quickly and wildly, upset citizens do not perform to full potential and this creates economic downturn. Economy is quintessential to Pan Oceanic superiority of the sphere and is of utmost importance to protect. Faleel is an expert spinster and is trained to put a positive shine on everything she can, Faleel feels that lying to fulfil her role is immoral, however is a sometimes a necessary evil. She believes Pan Oceania is the greatest nation in the sphere and wants to do everything she can to improve it.

Player – Nath Character – Corporal Neisan Ro-weru
Army -Yu Jing Sectorial – Japanese Sectorial Army

Born in Tokyo slums, within a once a proud and thriving country, Neisan Ro-weru grew up under the oppressive finger of the Yu-Jing government. He spent his teenage years developing feelings of resentment and odium at how his kinsfolk are treated as second class citizens by the rest of eastern society. He found himself interested in history during his schooling and spent many hours reading about the prior strength and prosperity of his country, he would imagine himself living during those times. After graduating from college he enlisted in the Nipponese army. As many, he saw it as a way to prove his worth and earn equal rights. Ro-weru wanted to make something of himself and meet like minded individuals; it is no shock that he fell in league with members of the Kempeitai. Ro-weru entered the logistics department where he is responsible for data transfer from ordinance to infantry core, hard effort in his first years of service put him in this trusted position. He uses this trust to assist his associate Kempeitai in pro Nipponese operations. Ro-weru dreams of a day the Japanese can return to their former glory and is prepared to do his part in making it happen. Currently Ro-weru is involved in a plot to reconstruct an individual, Shoko Asahara, responsible for the Sarin gas attacks. If reconstructed, Ashara will be turned on the Chinese population to incite terror and build Japanese power. Ro-weru must be wary as Celestials Agents are always examining Japanese military for suspected terrorist activities and could threaten the integrity of the operation if he is discovered.

Player – Pixie Character - Mercenary Captain Elrean Crothus
Army – Nomads Sectorial – Bakunin Jurisdictional Command

Elrean Crothus was born on one of the famed Haqqislam caravansaries; his mother was trade merchant for the Tunguska orbital and his father was a Haqqislam SILK transport security officer. His father was recalled to Bourak for penance in engaging in this unsanctioned relationship; Crothus would never meet him. His mother then emigrated with him to Bakunin where he would be involved in a study during his childhood. Crothus displayed elevated levels EMF (electromotive force), the suspected cause of this was the prolonged exposure to dense magnetic core of the asteroid during his mother’s pregnancy. As Crothus went through puberty he developed an odd capacity to gravitate people towards him. Needless to say he was a popular individual on Bakunin, however his abilities reached much further than school captain elections - he became able to seed ideas in people. Crothus possesses a strong ability in subtle manipulation, he simply needs to share his desire with someone and they feel unexplainably drawn to aid him. He has made a name for himself within the hired mercenary circles of the Nomad nation, a short sighted analysis of Crothus would depict him as a money hungry scoundrel but this would be a dangerous misconception. Crothus uses his influence to gather classified information that can be used for the ultimate development of Bakunin and the detriment to the great powers of the sphere. Player – Zack Character - Captain Zao Ling
Army -Yu Jing Sectorial - The Imperial Service

Born in the sacred Jade Capital, Zao Ling was raised in the upper class southern Palace district. He was schooled at the Imperial College of Tian di Jing and as the first born son was expected to move into politics. The Celestial calendar held many auspicious signs for Ling; timing was optimal as the turn of the Emperorship was near. The then current Japanese Emperor was knocking at death’s door and the Qing dynasty was next to take over. Ling was a close associate of a strong candidate for the throne; this relationship would establish his family’s name for generations to come. However, in an act of terrorism by the Tatenokai, the candidate for the throne and his family were killed and Ling was injured during the attack. Imperial Service intelligence saw potential use in Ling’s political knowledge and personal despise for terrorism and offered him officer entry into the service and place him in control of an anti-terror unit. Ling accepted the commission– to the aversion of his parents and the National Army gave Ling’s body enhancements and helped him recover from his injuries. Among over injuries he suffered brain damage from the blast and has had neural implants giving him extended reasoning capacities. Ling underwent intense intellectual training in games and theory to prepare against the underground Japanese terrorist cells. Four years into his service, Ling has commanded several successful operations and strives toward the total elimination of the Tatenokai.

Scenario 1 Matt Vs Zack – Tempered Retaliation

Matt’s Brief Yu Jing has retaliated after a short-sighted analysis of the SILK jacking incident; they have attacked a SILK storage facility in our very capital Neoterra! The Imperial Service has sent a Special Forces detachment to retrieve SILK they think we stole from them; the audacity of such an outburst is unprecedented! The Yu Jing activity has been noticed and reinforcements are on route, ETA is 30minutes.

Matt’s Objective

Our primary concern is keeping the public on side. You are not authorised to use any weapons banned by the Concilium and must do as much as possible to keep our soldiers alive. Additional to this you must delay the enemy as long as you are able and if possible prevent them from taking off with the SILK.

Zack’s Brief
Pan Oceanic scum have stolen a large shipment of SILK intended to be used for restoration of worthy candidates. We refuse to allow these arrogant pigs to take what they want and deny our worthy citizens their right of reincarnation. You will hit a Neoterran SILK storage facility and take whatever you are able.

Zack’s Objective
You are required to infiltrate the facility’s security, breach their warehouse and take the SILK. This will be a covert operation with stealth, speed and efficiency the main priorities. We do not care about any Pan Oceanic casualties.

Scenario Rules
Matt will be allowed 150 points and Zack will be allowed 300, however Matt will have no SWC limit. Normal game turn rules will not be followed, in this scenario Zack will have the first turn and move his figures with no limit to the amount of orders he uses. It will become Matt’s turn immediately after the first order that one of his models is eligible for an ARO or a security camera spots one of Zack’s models. Zack can have a figure carry the SILK crate and he moves at half MOV value.

Security Cameras
The GM will place security cameras where they think is appropriate. The security cameras have a 90degree field of vision that will be outlined before the game starts. If one of Zack’s figures enters the LoF of a camera, Matt may take a WIP test on his Lt. A Camera may be shot (with silenced ammunition, can be loaded as a short skill) or cautious moved past but Matt will be eligible for a WIP test at a -6 modifier.

Game End

Zack has until the end of the fourth turn to take the SILK crate off his table edge, if he has not done so by this point, Pan Oceanic reinforcements will arrive and he will be forced to retreat and leave the booty.

Scenario 1 Pixie Vs Nath – Suspicious Asteroid

Pixie’s Brief
Intelligence has tracked the ship that stole the Haqqislam SILK shipment to an asteroid belt located on the C5 between Bourak and planet Earth. All vessels transporting Haqqislam SILK are traced in case of such circumstances.

Pixie’s Objective
This is a reconnaissance operation, we wish to avoid direct conflict and if possible keep our identity obscured. We are looking to find out who has stolen from the Haqqislam nation and summarise whether it is possible to retrieve the stolen goods. You will be required to scout the asteroid in question and take images of any structures as well as assess any present military forces. We require photos specifically of entry into any structures, the more photos you can bring back, the better. We must have at least three assessments. Keep in mind that any photographs of enemy forces will count as an assessment and be much more useful if required in the political arena.

Nath’s Brief
The day of the Nipponese army is drawing near! This recent SILK we have obtained has brought us one step closer to resurrecting Ashara. Soon he will be turned on our Chinese oppressors and we will break our binds to the Yu Jing nation and again be a proud and free country. But to get there we must ensure utmost secrecy, if we are discovered before we are prepared we will be undone. So far our asteroid outpost has been kept secret from the Celestial investigations but that secrecy is being threatened. We have detected an unauthorised party on the asteroid and their presence is unwelcome.

Nath’s Objective
Eliminate all enemy resistance and ensure no information that will jeopardise the operation is extracted. This includes photos and any character assessments - in other words kill them all, blow them up or capture and interrogate them.

Scenario Rules
Both players will be allowed 300 points to select their army. The whole battlefield will be considered Zero-G.

Pixie may select two of his miniatures that will carry cameras; if they are killed they will drop the camera, which can be picked up by another model. Any camera carrier may take a photo by following the rules for Forward Observe. Any model may make an assessment of the enemy by following the rules for Forward Observe. Because the asteroid belt blocks signal transmission, the cameras and any models making an assessment must be carried or retreat off Jim’s table edge so that the information can be used.

Game End The game will finish at the end of the turn when either player has been entirely eliminated or retreated, although an even number of turns must be played. If Nath is eliminated or retreated, it is assumed that Jim is able to complete his objective.

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