WargamerAU is the Australian and New Zealand resource of Wargaming news, information and entertainment. Striving to stay the one major source of Australian and New Zealand content and also provide information from the world wide community of Wargaming players. Listed below are the people that help keep WargamerAU fresh by using their creative abilities and distinctive skills.


The Webmaster stitches all the individual parts of the website together to form a complete package. Acts as a central figure for all information pertaining to the site, answering questions and making final decisions. Controls all elements of design and layout, and performs some editorial work as well. Wargamerau has a remarkable moderating team that enforce the rules of the forums. A labour of love to the end.

Paul Van Der Werk & Scott Hunstad

Paul and Scott took over the ownership of Wargamerau from previous owner Stan in 2008. Their goal is to continue to give Wargamers a place to discuss the games they love. Email: contact@goodgames.com.au


Columnists are free to write about anything they want related to Wargaming. From humour to strategy to advice, these people write the columns that keep people coming back to WargamerAU. Each column has a distinct "feel" to it due to the different people and personalities that create each article.