For advertisers wishing to reach Australian and New Zealand gamers, there is no more targeted website then WargamerAU. The demographic is game playing males aged 5-25. Any game related products, such as console gaming (playstation, nintendo, xbox), computer gaming (standalone, online and network) and other collectable card games and standard games will appeal to this market. Other potential areas of advertising include movies, videos, DVDs, CDs, music and sports. The potential is limitless!

Real Time Ad Tracking

Each advertiser receives their own password protected member area that includes 24 hour access to real time statistics on campaigns, including daily impressions, clicks and click-through rates.


WargamerAU does not use the standard cost per thousand impression (CPI) method to charge our advertisers. Instead we offer standard positions on our website at a set monthly fee, which based on our current traffic is usually less then $2CPM, and often less then $1CPM. We have advertising positions that start as low as $20 per month and can cater for any advertising budget.

To make any inquiries about advertising, including our latest rates, please email