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Sophistication or Naivety – A Narrative Infinity Campaign

15 June 2011 | Reese Truscott

I have recently commenced an Infinity campaign with my local gaming group; I aim to record results of the games and share them with WAU users. These will be presented in fiction format to create a blend of role play and tabletop war gaming.


The objective of this campaign is to extend the scope of typical tabletop war gaming from one a dimensional platform to a story enriched narrative experience. Player’s actions during games will affect the overarching storyline and will ultimately decide their standing within the campaign. The GM will use their own insight to determine the specifics of each scenario and use the results and events from every game to influence the next.

Character Assignment

Each player will be assigned a character created by the GM; this character is the commander of your army. The players will be responsible for making the decisions for their character and the progression of that character throughout the campaign. The characters will all have individual motivations that drive them in the campaign; achieving their outlined goals will see the players rewarded. Each character will have short term goals, which represent the objectives for each scenario and an end goal, which is the whole reason the character is involved in the campaign - this is what drives the character and it should be considered by the players when making decisions.

Public Opinion and Intelligence

The GM will monitor games and will reward or punish players as appropriate. Players who make actions in games that would affect the opinion of the public will have their character affected appropriately. Likewise, if a player completes their objectives they will be rewarded with intelligence on their own or other player’s characters.

End Game

The player who achieves their end goal first will be deemed the campaign victor. Conversely to this, if a player fails to achieve their goal they may be eliminated at the GMs discretion. If players achieve enough of their short term goals they will be given an opportunity to complete their end goal, if they succeed they will be the winner.

The Story So Far…

The sphere rotates and civilization prospers in this unique society we call humankind. We are living in a golden era of wealth, technology, prolonged lifespan, comfort, leisure, safety and above all pleasant naivety. Many of us get by day to day merely concerned with personal gratification, unknowing of the truly temporal nature of our existence in this world, of the turbulent waters beneath the surface or of the fragility of the bond that we call community. Tension is sparked easily and comes in many forms; unstable relationships exist between the major powers of our time and our inability or unwillingness to work together will be our ultimate downfall.

The polar force of Pan Oceania and Yu Jing is under stress, the littlest motivation for retaliation could bring wide spread conflict. These two superpowers - one arrogant and one proud - seem to be naturally inclined towards hatred for the other. The Haqqislam SILK trade fuels this fire by selling its products to the highest bidder while their government does nothing. More sinister are the political movements occurring beneath the surface, terrorism and assassinations are widespread throughout the sphere and often go unjustified. This causes paranoia and fear, which is eating our society from the inside out. These are but few of the pressing factors in our social order that must be addressed if we are ever to survive the full force attack of the EI or the subtle manipulation of ALEPH.

Here we see one such spark - how far the fire will spread is yet to be seen…

After departing the primary orbital elevator from Bourak, a Haqqislamite SILK trade ship intended for Yu Jing custom was intercepted by a raiding party. The ship was fired upon and boarded; the crew were bound and gagged by masked figures and the cargo was stolen. The only information Haqqislamite authorities could obtain from the crew was that they were attacked by a Pan Oceanic cruiser. The Haqqislam Navy assured the Yu Jing defence forces that future SILK routes would be more thoroughly protected. However, the concerned Yu Jing businessmen are outraged and are pressuring the military to retaliate.

Dr Jacob Fawny, PhD; North American University of History and Philosophy “An Analysis of our Time: Sophistication or Naivety?”

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