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I tried, I really did.

The first read of the rules made it seem intriguing, but after playing it for a bit and watching lots of battles, reading through codecies and FAQ's.

I think this game is utter garbage. Im starting to think the people who really love it are mentally damaged.

Its tedious, formulaic and dull.

Buckets of dice... just buckets and buckets of them.

Standing there watching an opponent roll 58 dice looking for 3's and re-rolling misses is just dull. Turning around and charging him to roll my 50 dice looking for 3's to hit with +1's to hit and rerolls on ones is just dull and uninspiring.

I keep looking for tactics that don't involve stacking dice in your favourable phase, things like a shooting precision army, or a points denial army, or an army that moves around and I just don't seem to find anything viable beyond "I do combat well, buckets of dice in that phase and reroll bubbles" or "I do shooting well so buckets of dice and reroll buffs in that phase"

I didn't play 7th, so I don't know how bad it was for people to think that this is a better game.

I was excited when I saw movement characteristics were coming back, but then I saw that everyone still basically moves 6 but some things can move 7 or 8.

Vehicles with wounds makes the game flow faster, doesn't make vehicles very interesting.

Line of sight and terrain are pretty worthless now.

It just feels like an abstract dice system attached to some pretty trinkets and card game (which feels more like snap than anything else)

The game is designed to get outcomes regardless of logic, and that doesn't work for me. Overwatch is ludicrous, pile in a consolidation are excessive.

The removal of the old strength vs toughness system has ruined any individuality weapons had, made vehicles vulnerable to stupid things and sucked so much flavour out of the game.

The switch from 7 - WS and BS to flat dice targets has ruined the flavour of having elite units face elite units vs weak units facing elite units.

5th ed and 2nd ed are far superior versions than this game.

Ordinarily with a game I don't enjoy Id be like "eh ill come back next edition." This edition makes me not even want to buy 40k models anymore.

When AoS replaced 8th Fantasy I felt like "eh this is not my game, ill keep playing 8th" with this edition I feel like "Maybe Im just done with 40k as a thing in my life."

As someone who owns 14 40k armies, that is a very weird feeling.

I hear you. I played about 6 games, and only one of them was fun. The rest were an exercise in frustration and dice rolling.

Thing is I really like Age of Sigmar. The game systems are similar but the slight decrease of complexity of AoS works better.

I agree that 5th was the best. People have accused me of rose coloured glasses, but I've played 2-8, and 5 I my favourite of all of them.

Just want to find some people to keep playing that with.
I know how you feel.

With the removal of vehicles (facing and arcs) and terrain\LOS I'm struggling to find any form of tactics in the new version that are not done in the model buying and list building stage.

I love the models but found gameplay very same-same.
I enjoy the game when I get a chance to play it. More streamlined. There's more to tactics than positioning a unit to get side or rear armour shots on a unit.

Movement values are quite varied in the new edition when you look across the various factions.

Each faction plays more like I feel they would based on the background / fluff in 8th ed.
Blackhearts Reaver
If you dont have good terrain with more LOS blocking then games can become dice fests. Play with more terrain. I use 25-35% of the table area and of that >> half need to be LoS blocking. Some level1 (50mm) for troops some level 2 (75-90mm) for rhino's etc, and a few level 3(200-240mm) for Big stuff.). The other half is split between Area/ruins and low stuff like craters / low (20mm) walls.

Play missions with objectives and start with smaller games. 1200-1500. At 2000 the game becomes very brutal very quickly. The game has alot of tactics. Similar to previous editions but different. Most of them involve vehicles or monsters as targets and chaff units for screening. You will find however the days of a game bogging down into 5 turn scrumss or 2 SaFH hunkering down and shooting at each other are gone. Games are resolved by T3-4 so the trade offs in Turn 2-3 are extremely important.
Understanding range (of mid shooting/rapidfire/assault weapons and the h2h charge distances) is more important than cover or LoS. Some games will flip on a failed charge or a Rapidfire bomb that only gets 25% of the unit in rapidfire....

Assault lists are very possible but if you go that way you have to go pretty full on to make it work. Run a few transports to block LoS as well as transport a few of your more delicate /glass canon units.

The variety of lists that run OK is quite amazing. The variety is much more than the previous 3 editions. The power creep is starting to come back in however with maximising Command Pts and bubble aura's is the order of the day. There are ways to nullify the latter.Most people don't run 4 huge Characters. they run 1-2 huge character and 2 or 3 buff characters (in 2000+). Snipers and deep strike etc can help kill off Aura's by turn 2-3.

If you want to have simple games find a group that is happy with a few more restrictions and play games with 1 force Org (eg battalion) and use things like the Rule of 3 (or even make it the Rule of 2) etc

If you are the type of gamer who hates to see your guys die, 8th ed is probably not for you. If you are a gamer who doesn't mind sacrificing your Queen to win the chess game it probably is.......
Yeah I haven’t played much since 6th, not a fan of over simplification, also just tired of replacing all the fifty billion extra books you need to keep up with things
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