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Full Version: 8th edition small rulebook?
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Hi guys,
Is there a small (i.e. A5 size) version of the 40k 8th edition rulebook?
I can only find mention of the big hardcover book.
I found the smaller rulebook easier to read on the train etc, for the previous editions.
Thanks in advance
I don't think so, but you could probably get a pdf/ebook copy and print off the appropriate pages.

The core rules are only 8 pages long, 18 if you in include the rules for terrain and list building.
8th ed doesn't have a rulebook. You just have the fold out card sheet thingy.
QUOTE(Krefey @ May 11 2018, 03:44 PM) *

8th ed doesn't have a rulebook. You just have the fold out card sheet thingy.

^Partially true, the 8pg Foldout is the 'base' free rules....the 280pg Rulebook would disagree though (it just has 'advanced' rules, terrain/cities of death/planetstrike etc & a whole lot of background)

Original question - No, there is no A5 size book (the only one they've released thus far was in the Ltd Ed Collection version)
Thanks guys, the 280 page rulebook (with the advanced rules etc) was what I was referring to.
I had a feeling it was only in big (i.e. A4 size) but just wanted to clarify.
I remember back in the 7th ed box set they had the A5 small size rulebook. I guess GW has discontinued that in 8th edition.
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