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Full Version: Daemon Prince weapons
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Gday, just a quick one, whats people thoughts on the Daemon Prince weapon options? Theyre all the same cost, on paper the best looks to be 2x Malefic Talons against all targets, but am I missing something here? Maybe Daemonic Axe is good too?

Depends on the situation, but for value for points, the 2xtalons for 3 extra attacks are very good.
Talons are the most popular because they can do everything.

The rend, damage and extra attacks you get from the claws means your Prince can threaten any unit. Need to kill infantry? You'll butcher half a tactical squad in a single turn of combat. Need to kill terminators? Each failed save is a dead termi. It even has a decent chance of crippling a tank in a single round of combat (not kill though).

The only time a talon prince will struggle is against units with more than 2 wounds and a 3+ invul save. Units like thunder cav or Bjorn. Wraithguard can be difficult too.

The sword is good stat wise, but the extra point of damage is countered by the loss of attacks.

The axe is also good, but to make full use of it you'd probably need to run prescience on him to make sure those 2's will always hit. Can you image rolling your attacks and getting 4 2's?

In their defence, the sword and axe would lend themselves to a more vehicle/monster hunter specific daemon prince. The type of daemon where his purpose is to cut down the big stuff, 1 vs 1.

I've been thinking of taking an axe on my Slaanesh Prince with the intoxicating elixir. 5 attacks, Str 9 with -3 rend, 3 damage a hit is tempting. But for competition type play, my talon prince will always be my go-to.
Awesome thanks so much thats about what I was thinking....
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