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Full Version: Anyone know of an online shop in the UK that ships to aus?
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Hey guys

Fairly new to the hobby, I'm trying to find a retailer that will ship Games Workshop products to Australia from the UK- as to take advantage of the conversion rate. Any ideas?

I know this has probably been asked a thousand times, but I couldn't find much, and as I said, I'm still fairly new.

Thanks in advance.
You won't find much, as GW's current trade contract forbids selling outside specific regions.

So for the most part, the only stores still selling internationally are the ones with eBay accounts.
Yep, they stopped distributors shipping internationally a few years ago, and while their newer products are typically more balanced in price, by and large, the UK products are a little cheaper thanks to the weak pound right now.

However, on the plus side, there are a number of WAU sponsors that offer some attractive discounts on GW products. I can highly recommend Emerald Hobbies and Games for your GW needs, good prices, prompt service smile.gif
Sweet. Thanks heaps guys.
buy it through ebay, theres a few shops that still let things go through.

usually its just the bigger boxes, like start collecting. not indivudal units
+1 for Emerald Hobbies in QLD - I think I've bought 90% of my GW models from them, over the last few years.
Does Emerald Hobbies prices include GST?

It should but I know another online seller use to hit you with GST at check out even though 20% was off RRP which should have been GST inclusive.
Not sure how GST works but Emerald hobbies is 20% off the price then GST + a $10 flat shipping rate.

So 3 x sets of Kastelan robots that I got recently worked out as a saving of around $49.

That's a great deal as far as I'm concerned plus they shipped them the day after ordering which is another great plus.

1st time I've ordered from them and it's all positive biggrin.gif
Ok so they take the 20% off then at checkout add 10% GST?

Considering the RRP includes GST (paid when they make order with GW) adding it again is double dipping.

The price on their site is the price. They don't add gst again, the price displayed includes it.
Nice one, thanks.
QUOTE(MG @ Oct 15 2017, 09:49 AM) *

Ok so they take the 20% off then at checkout add 10% GST?

Considering the RRP includes GST (paid when they make order with GW) adding it again is double dipping.

Sorry really bad sentence structure - I meant price, break down of GST (of reduced price) then plus postage for whole price.

They are really good biggrin.gif
Emerald Hobbies
Thanks for the support!

The prices listed on our site (LINK) are the prices you pay at checkout (plus $10 postage). There's no hidden taxes or whatnot on there.

Also, if there's something out of stock or we don't have enough of something in stock, email us (ANOTHER LINK). We're a bricks and mortar store with limited shelf space, so sometimes we don't have enough room for mass quantities of everything. For best results, let us know what you want by Sunday night so it can get added to Mondays GW order.

I have dealt with Emerald for a while now and they ship ASAP.....2 thumbs up.
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