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Full Version: Back to the Fold!!
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It's been awhile since I've graced these Emperor-fouled forums with my glorious Chaos taint. With the death of my beloved WFB, I sold, purged and burned everything that was related to GW. A knee-jerk reaction at best. Still I hovered at 40k, I loved 5th edition, disliked 6th edtion, despised 7th edition and now 8th appeared and lured me back into the fold.

I've never liked "competitive" 40k, I tried it and it always left a foul after taste in my mouth. That style of game play is not for everyone, it's clearly not for me. I don't mind playing against hard armies, I just don't like using them.

Build a bridge, accept this fact, your life will be complete!! armata_PDT_34.gif

Background drivel.....done!!

I feel my local community is like a Imperial Guard regiment that has been through multiple meat grinders, while it's still active, it is also small and scattered (My impression of it!!). So, now I have access to a local store I want to go about gradually pumping up and re-establishing an active 40k community again.

So, fishing for ideas? I've got a few to get the ball rolling but figured I'd also throw this idea at the collective wisdon of WAU.

You are after all, Strong with the Force!! cool.gif
Build it and they will come.

Plus with the glory they look that is Facebook and Facebook groups it's easier than ever to organise events, get immediate feedback and track numbers.
The plan is to set-up up an event and basically run a "Casual Play Day" and stack that over the next few weeks and run it on a Sunday. Advertise the event in a few local facebook groups and see if that gets the ball rolling again.
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