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Full Version: Daemonic Ritual
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I have a question relating to Daemonic Ritual as seen in the leaked Index:Chaos, where it says a character can summon a daemon unit instead of moving at the end of the movement phase.

My question is, does this unit have to be taken in the army list to be summoned? or, do you think this means you can potentially have additional units equal to the number of rounds you attempt to do the ritual?

And if the latter, does anyone think this is a bit overpowered?
When you play a game to a set points limit, you don't have spend them all. Any remaining points are put into your "reinforcement points." When you add units to your army during the game, they must be paid for with these reinforcement points.

E.g. You and I agree to a 2000pt game. I'm playing chaos, and spend only 1750pts on my army.. I could then summon up to 250pts worth of daemons during the game.

Once you run out of reinforcement points, that's it, no more summoning.
Makes sense, seemed way overpowered otherwise.
Blackhearts Reaver
Yeah they have specifically squashed the free units bull###### of 6-7th ed.
Just to be clear though, you only need to keep reinforcement points for matched play games.

In narrative (like the Konor campaign) and open play you still get free daemons.
Though, does deep strike count as moving, and can you summon daemons after deep striking ?
QUOTE(Angmar @ Aug 14 2017, 04:15 PM) *

Though, does deep strike count as moving, and can you summon daemons after deep striking ?

Instead of moving in their Movement phase, any CHAOS CHARACTER can, at the end of their Movement phase, attempt to summon a DAEMON unit with this ability by performing a Daemonic Ritual (the character cannot do so if they arrived as reinforcements this turn, or if they themselves have been summoned to the battlefield this turn).
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