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Hey old timers, and new comers to WargamerAU, its been a while since I posted here. I haven't had alot of time for wargaming in general, and as you get older its even harder to get around to clubs and events.

I've just recently discovered a game called Tabletop Simulator, and if anyone is interested in having a game; or even a Dawn of War II/III game sometime, you can add me on steam "khyz0r" (thats a zero, not o).
Gorechilds Protege
Vassal 40k is still a thing too (Vassal is the program, 40k is the mod to run it). It's a bit clunky and I don't have the link but there are games from people all over the world there, it's supposedly fairly active day to day too with 8th ed.
vassal has been dead everytime i checked it, and tts can be hard to find games in aus timezones/a pain to get setup.

I tried to have a game of TTS last night with someone from France. Was a bit laggy and did take a while to get setup. I'm not certain he had properly prepared himself though. Was easy to find a player to play on the Discord server though.

It is definitely not perfect, but good for someone who wants to try different armies they don't have, or find it hard to get together with others to play. If you want a game sometime fued, hit me up on steam or discord.
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