TOURNAMENT Event Calender ... and other related hobby stuff.
(big thankyou to Joshua Diffey​ for doing the ground text here, make my life alot easier)

The guys at Menza Gaming have put together a pretty awesome calendar of events. Just using that now


If you are a Tournament Organiser of an event, or you have an event you are thinking of running, but are yet to finalise the details, send me a PM, we have a Tournament Organiser Group called Victorian Tournament Organisers. We can add you to the group where people are discussing potential dates, to avoid clashes, as well as share resources

Get in contact with your local community.

Check out the clubs in the forums

Also join us on Facebook @ Melbourne Warhammer 40k. From there hopefully we can help you link & meetup with like minded individuals & groups in your community (even if you live in regional Victoria).

40k Rules

40k FAQ

Index & Codex
•Goto your local Local Gaming Store and go buy it. They are cheap enough (rrp $40)
•Forge World Index=order through Forgeworld

• Melbourne 30k Horus Heresy

• The mystery of Korbius Station, a 30k Zone Mortalis Campaign.

Do you play the other systems?

• Do try WargamerAU

• 9th Age Melbourne Community

• Melbourne Warhammer Age of Sigmar

• Mantic Kings of War:

• other Misc, infinity and other kickass skirmish gaming in Melbourne.

• Melbourne Warmachine & Hordes