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Full Version: Really GW
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So GW is finally bringing out some 30K stuff for 40K as seen here, but man the price. It's metal-level though it's plastic. I'm probably just going to get the box set only.

If that's how they're pricing Custodes & SoS, plastic Sisters are going to be similar.
I wouldn't bother buying the boxed set either.

I don't need another land raider or rhino just to paint them gold.

Wait until they do a package with only the custodes stuff at a reasonable price.
Hapless Peon
I was pretty disappointed in the pricing for the Sisters too. Other releases lately had, to my mind. seemed to be a fairly reasonable price but I feel that $70 for 5 fairly small minis pushes it.

I've got the 5 from BoP and that will be enough I feel for use in SW: A.
They're pricey, but are we really that shocked?
Well, I wasn't expecting to pay $140 for a 10 unit Sisters of Silence squad. I was thinking more along the lines of $90 for 10.
It's the same sprues from the boxed set. They're available on ebay for about $45 delivered.
I agree. They're definitely pricey, but GWs pricing has been all over the shop lately.

The Sisters are expensive. The Custodes seem about right considering the level of detail on them.
Big K
Holy ######balls batman...$200 for a unit of 10 troops.
Still nothing on the old Vampire Count Blood Knights. $165 for 5 models.
Hahaha, I'd forgotten about them!
Master Chris

Buying all this stuff separately would cost over $450, so the box is clearly a good deal because it saves you $200.

Well played GW...well played...
IPB Image
QUOTE(BearPowers @ Mar 19 2017, 06:58 PM) *

Still nothing on the old Vampire Count Blood Knights. $165 for 5 models.

You say that, as it was shocking at the time, but by current GW pricing trends that's nothing remarkable.
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