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Full Version: Using GSC codex to represent a daemonic infestation
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Hey all,

Have had a traitor guard army since the eye of terror campaign. Love them to bits. But I have been reading about (note: have not had access to read the actual codex) GSC and sounds like a great opportunity for a bit of thought play.

Purestrains can easily just be daemons, patriarchs can be better daemons, and the rank and file stay as they were.

Im under the belief that rank and file grunts in a GSC are better at H2H than regular guard and I think this would be well reflected as chaos worshippers should have a close combat preference (I know mine do when I add priests)

So how do people feel about this?? Would it make anyone butthurt over the idea of fighting a non purple GSC or would you all appreciate the effort taken to change the focus of my army from priests and charismatic leaders to daemons and arse kickery??

Cheers, Ronin
It can be done.. and people shouldn't have any real issues if you nake sure that they are armed correctly.
You could also use the ambushing rules to great effect as surprise uprisings.

As an aside, the Renegades and Heretics list from FW also has an increased focus on h2h combat with lots of WS4 troops, and is battle brothers with CSM, KDK and Daemons.
I used to use the LatD list as a genestealer cult uprising!

This is just coming full circle smile.gif
Doesn't seem to really work from a fluff point of view. They are both subversive elements, but operate and behave differently. A full on daemonic incursion would work best with the daemon codex.

Chaos Cultists are generally just rabble, not trained, not better at fighting than joe blogs. They don't tend to be possessed or gifted as cultists in general are too small fry to be worthy of a chaos god's boon.

GS cultists on the other hand are hybrids / mutants that have physiological changes that make them better fighters.

Having said that, go for it anyway. I wouldn't stop you smile.gif
Blackhearts Reaver
Sounds cool.

How were you envisioning the models to look? cos to be close to the Rules Slanneshi is the closer match models and rules wise.
Your biggest problem will be if you are using say bloodletter bits people will get confused with PW AP3 vs rending of GSC etc....

If you are just using GSC models and painting them daemonic or just chucking on a few head & arms swaps... ha who cares people can live with it.
QUOTE(Ronin @ Mar 12 2017, 08:28 AM) *

Have had a traitor guard army since the eye of terror campaign. Love them to bits

Good on you, not enough people play the bad guys, and it always makes sense whoever they're fighting. Space marine on space marine is all too common and makes no sense. More people should play traitor guard, chaos, tyranids, dark eldar etc.

I thought, traitor guard doesn't make a lot of sense because it's one planet rebelling against the entire imperium, which is a bit of a one-sided war. But then I realised, traitor guard have generally joined up with either chaos or genestealer cults, and it made a lot more sense. They're doing their bit for a huge galactic horror, and have a chance of actually winning the universe with them.

Thank goodness games workshop saw the sense in bringing genestealer cults back. They're flavourful in a way that full on tyranids aren't.
Jagged Tooth Grin
going full circle there! I used to use the Lost and the Damned chaos cultist rules to run Genestealer Cult!
If I had the money, I'd start another GC army using only the new Tzentch models. It would be beautiful.
See I agree about the daemoc incursion being the daemon book, but im talking about the part before that happens when its time for cultists driven to frenzied heights by the power in the air starting a war to spill enough blood to bring the daemonic incursion on in full. The daemons (genestealers) that are in the army are just the weak ones that were easy enough to summon and are going to cause mayhem to bring forth their masters.

And as for the skill level, theres plenty of fluff examples of well trained and drilled cultists that could stomp the guard, especially in close quarters where skill is combined with brute strength and ferocity to do the job.

Just my thoughts and I hope to source a GSC codex to read and decide how I would do it.
It would totally work. It's a big galaxy, anything is possible. Things like the Blood Pact or the Alpha Legion were highly organised chaotic forces, so it all makes sense in my mind.

I think it's a good use of the rules and would be fine by me.
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