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Full Version: Modern Eldar
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The Moon
Hello ... i am a long time fan of Citadel Minitures and the worlds of Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 ... i enjoy to strategic thoughts and ponderences yet however i have only played a couple of games in my life and these were a few years ago ... i am now committing to the hobby and shall be purchasing Codexes and Armies Books aplenty ... but for just now is it possible to speak to you all about the current Eldar and their ways? Do they still split off into Craftworlds such as Alaitoc having Pathfinders and Beil-Tan using Aspect Warriors for troops? ... ive looked online and the precise information eludes me and i am several days away from buying books (i live in a small country town and am currently without transport)... i would enjoy a conversation about the space elves ☺
As a ruleset, No not really

What they do have are theme bonuses based on the older craftworld styles

There is also a '3rd' Eldar faction just released that combines Craftworld and Dark Eldar
Additionally you can field Harlequin armies, and Eldar Corsairs with the Forge World list.
The Moon
A current Beil-Tan may have Aspect Warriors for troop choices? Are Swooping Hawks one of these or Fast Attack - even for Beil-Tan? ... my facts are rusty and information is sparse...
Not any more but Troop choices are less important in the current rules.

There are a focus on Formations, where you take certain unit groups as opposed to jsut 1hq 2 troop you get bonuses
The Moon
Formations meaning what exactly please?
Kinda hard to explain

they are special detachments, intended to be fluffy a lo of people dislike them
The Moon
Ah ok well nevermind ... ill get it all sorted ... just one question though to any who read this ... Games Workshop are rereleasing Wh40k again quite soon are they? (As if this is the case then i wont be buying Rules Books and Codexes until the new ones come out...)
There have been rumours of another version coming out for about 3 years now
Blackhearts Reaver
Dire Avengers were the Biel tann aspect warriors in troops slots. They still are. They are squishy in the current game meta, and will probably require wave serpent transports if you want to keep them alive longer than turn3.

Currently there are not a lot of specialist Eldar lists (that are "legal"). The main codex covers a lot of the older rules in a watered down way. There is a Wraith book (Iyanden supplement). The old Biel tann is covered in the main book.

The old 1 HQ + 2 troops is a basic Detachment (with 1 more HQ, 4more troops, 3 more EL+FA+HV optional) you can add an ally of 1 HQ 1 TR (with 1 more TR,EL FA,HV optional)

Formations are easy to explain: they are basically a small group of units (usually with a theme>> like a terminator strike force) that if you buy the required units ( sometimes with restrictions >like they have to be full sized, or have transports) you get a few bonus rules for them for free.

Sometimes these rules are just basic Special rules like tankhunter (rerolls vs Armour pen) but they can also be specially written for the formation like the marine Double demi Strike force (Full Marine battle company 2 commanders 6 troops, 2 FA, 2 HV and you get free transports.... smile.gif )

In the current game you can field a Std Detachment (to get Objective secured for your troops= they will hold an objective even if enemy units are there, unless the enemy also have objective secured rule).
You can also just field formations/allies if you want or a combination. (some formations can be as small as 25 points worth of stuff).

You can even have a fields any units (so called Unbound lists) but no one I know actually does that, unless it has been agreed upon beforehand.
The Moon
So if the old Beil-Tan are covered in the current version i can still take Dark Reapers as Troop Choices?

Also i have been doing some surfing online and investigating and it seems the Avatar of Khaine is a rare selection for players as it attracts a lot of firepower and tends to be shot before doing its own points worth in damage? Is this also the case in your own experiences with or against them?
Blackhearts Reaver
If you are serious buy the codex. or other sources.
Yeah just buy the codex, even if you dont use it its a good read
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