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Full Version: Escalation Style Tournament
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Hey everyone, I'm looking at running a tournament for the first time early next year. So i was hoping to get some advice for it. It'll be at my FLGS in Cairns.

The idea I have for the tournament is an escalation style, where the first round is 200pt kill team and each round goes up in points until the final round is 1500pt. I understand that typically tournaments are around the 1850pt mark, but most of the people playing have only just got back into it (we're all coming across from WM/H).

I'd like it to be a learning experience for all involved, especially me as first time T.O.

Rules wise I was thinking:
Round 1:
Standard 200pt Kill Team Mission/Forces

Round 2:
500pt Detachment (must include Kill team)
Basic Kill each other mission

Round 3:
1000pts 1 detachment plus optional 1 detachment/formation
2 objectives (1 per side)

Round 4:
1500pts 1 detachment plus optional 1 detachment or 1-2 formations
5 objectives

I haven't read into the missions yet so they're just a starting point for what i'll be looking for - I'm open to recommendations. I'm also interested to know opinions on the inclusion of formations/additional detachments for this style of tournament. I read the thread on formations so i have some idea on what the majority think about them.

Is there any good Tournament resources available on the web? and is it worth bothering with Community Comp for this?
Keep it as simple as possible. KISS principle for your first TO stint is probably the best advice I could give you.

And no probably not worth it for comp unless you just mark the final list. The graduation will help with composition because 300/500/500 additions to existing lists will be a limiter. Plus you'll have lists changing effectiveness as people add stuff to it.

For a small point tournament is just layers of complexity that you probably dont need. You'll want to have fun too, right?

One of the first things that jumped out at me running escalation was that if youre going to check lists you'll be checking 4x as many lists as you have entrants so put some time aside for it when you make your deadline. Night before and on the day, you'll have enough to do.
How important would list checking be? In the past (for WM/H tournaments) we haven't bothered with list checking, just showing opponent has been sufficient. Being that we (as a group) are mostly pretty relaxed about the whole process i was thinking we'd just do this again.
If its a small casual group of mates then not important at all.

If its open to the public then minimising the chances thatll youll have to ring someone to tell them 'hey buddy your list was broken can you bring back the prizes' is probably worth a bit of checking.

As before, simple & relaxed is best.
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