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Full Version: Old 20mm x 20mm base with a circular indent
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Blackhearts Reaver
I have these and was wondering if anyone can tell me what they are for?

IPB Image
mantic figures possibly, i know they come with bases like that
Are they GW or generic?

alot of non slotta metal models come with a metal base, some companies have a circular one so might have been to help base those models
They aren't mantic. The central depression is the wrong size (I've actually got both these bases and mantic ones, and mantic use a larger circle indent.)
They're for a range called "Space Lords" by a German company called Hobby Products.
Currently available through moonraker models.

The two bottom left are GW styled ones (but GW weren't the only maker of slottabases even going back to the 90s.
Blackhearts Reaver
thanks Chromedog.

I actually have a giant stock pile of those Space lords in a box. The bases must have got separated at some point.. smile.gif
Doug @ eM-4 has the moulds for those figures now, and is slowly resurrecting them (I've got a pile of the yoyodyne Shigaru and cybertech bunkerbusters (heavy armoured guys) and the wartech guys.)
Blackhearts Reaver
do you want more smile.gif going cheap (or even trades).
IPB Image
That's more than I have and I don't need to add to that pile ...

I scored mine when Tin Soldier in Sydney were having a moving sale. One day I might pull them out of their case again and use them.
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